Trades & Comparisons

LineLab is a powerful software tool that revolutionizes how production systems are modeled, offering a variety of features for making advanced trades between various possible configurations. Through sophisticated algorithms and intuitive visualization, LineLab empowers users to explore the latent trades between different inputs and make informed decisions to achieve the best outcomes. Here are some key capabilities to optimize decisions, streamline engineering processes, and foster innovation:

Model-Specific Trades

LineLab offers a robust and versatile trade study feature, allowing users to analyze and trade any variable against another while considering unit costs as a heat map. Rapidly explore the interplay between inputs and unit costs using sensitivity trades. For more comprehensive insights, opt for solve trades that perform multiple re-optimizations to identify the knee in the curve. With LineLab's trade study capabilities, engineering decision-makers can optimize production systems, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency.

Throughput vs. unit costs

Comparisons: No Limit to Dimensionality

LineLab introduces the innovative Morphological Matrix feature, elevating the concept of comparisons in engineering decision-making using an interactive matrix of alternatives referencing the same baseline model. Embrace creativity and systematic design alternatives by dividing the design space into feasible options along key characteristics. With this feature, engineers can effortlessly track design alternatives and model revisions, simplifying the comparison of model variants. Identify optimal solutions quickly and drive innovation with confidence.

Drive Engineering Excellence with LineLab

LineLab empowers large engineering companies with advanced trades and the cutting-edge Morphological Matrix feature. Make data-driven decisions, optimize production systems, and stay ahead in the competitive engineering landscape. Unlock the full potential of your organization with LineLab's powerful features and elevate your engineering excellence to new heights. Experience the transformative power of LineLab today and drive your engineering endeavors to success.