Comprehensive Sensitivities

Gain precise insights into the sensitivity of each input and its associated marginal cost. LineLab's sensitivity analysis feature is a powerful way to gain valuable insights. It empowers users with comprehensive information to make informed decisions in various disciplines, including design, manufacturing engineering, production, and finance.

Built-In Transparency

With LineLab's sensitivity analysis, you can access a ranked list quantifying the impact of all inputs, providing transparency valuable in discussions, decision-making, and further modeling.

Identifying Cost Drivers

LineLab's sensitivity analysis identifies cost drivers and their impact, avoiding possible blind spots, and helping to prioritize both modeling and engineering efforts.

Marginal Cost Results

Imagine a scenario where a part length influences production times and variation, and thus significantly impacts various aspects of the required production system. LineLab can quantify the marginal cost, in $/in or €/mm or whichever units you may be using, empowering you to make impactful decisions with confidence.

Sensitivities results

Automated & Seamless: Minimal User Input for Maximum Results

LineLab's sensitivity analysis is fully automated, requiring no manual input or intervention, and available with every solve.


  • Comprehensive Decision-Making: Identify critical factors influencing the production system, enabling data-driven decisions.
  • Early-Stage Design Support: Navigate uncertainties and refine designs for optimal performance using sensitivity insights.
  • Identifying Cost Drivers: Uncover factors impacting costs directly, strategically allocating resources for cost-effectiveness.
  • Transparency for Continuous Improvement: Foster innovation by refining the production system iteratively with transparent sensitivity analysis.
  • No Additional Inputs Required: Save time and effort with automated sensitivity analysis, no manual intervention needed.

LineLab's sensitivity analysis empowers engineers and engineering teams with powerful, automatic insights for enhanced decision-making in production system modeling.